What Happens To Your Body When You Are 4 Weeks Pregnant?



When a woman is pregnant, changes happen drastically, even during the first few weeks of conception. The changes cannot be seen visibly, but the person conceiving feels it inside.


In this article, we are going to talk about the different 4 weeks pregnant symptoms that normally happen to expectant mothers, and the reasons why it occur.

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Change In Your Appetite


One of the first changes that can happen to you, if you are already one month pregnant is the change in appetite. Some women finds themselves eating more than usual, and this is because of the sudden increase of hormones inside the body. Some women on the other hand looses their appetite, and this is because of nausea, and vomiting, which are some of the 4 weeks pregnant symptoms, that gives them a hard time finding the interest to eat, due to the fear of vomiting more.


Higher Levels Of Hormones


Your hormones are also on a higher level when you are pregnant. Because of this, you may start feeling weak, sleepy, fatigue, and restless the entire day, because your body is not accustomed to the level of hormones that you have right now. Some women may even experience mood swings at this time, which is quite normal.


Frequent Urination


The body at this phase of your pregnancy is also developing more blood, HCG hormones (which is also called the pregnancy hormone), and fluids, to prepare your body for the baby that is now starting to grow inside you. Because of this, you are likely to urinate frequently, which is one of the most common 4 weeks pregnant symptoms.


Slight Changes In Your Body Weight


Due to the rapid changes happening in you, your body may slightly change. It is either you lose some weight due to frequent vomiting and loss of appetite, or gain more weight because your body is bloated or because you have been taking excessive amounts of food.


Missed Menstruation Period


You will also miss your period if you are already pregnant. If so, then this is one of the best signs of pregnancy, so it is either you take the pregnancy kit and test yourself right now, or perhaps schedule an appointment with your OB-Gyne, to see if you are pregnant or not.


Women experience different types of 4 weeks pregnant symptoms, and this is because everyone of us have different body chemistries that responds differently to the changes happening within us. For instance, if you know someone who is also pregnant, and experience intense vomiting, do not worry too much, because there is always a chance that you will not experience it.


Detecting early pregnancy is actually easy, if you only know the different 4 weeks pregnant symptoms that can happen, and the changes that occur to a pregnant person. Confirming your pregnancy early is important, because you want to make sure that your baby will stay health from conception, up to delivery.