Four Weeks Pregnant: What Are The Different Symptoms?



If you are looking for some information about the different 4 weeks pregnant symptoms, then you have come to the right place! We know that you are feeling a little bit different lately, and you are starting to think, if this is really the best time for you to take that pregnancy test already. We are going to list some of the symptoms that a woman may experience when she is about a month pregnant already. This guide will help you get a better idea, if you are pregnant or not.


Pregnancy Kits Cannot Detect Early Pregnancy Sometimes


You can always take a pregnancy test, if you want to know if you are already expecting. However, taking it this early might not give you an accurate result. HCG is a hormone that increases if you are pregnant. It only starts to increase a few weeks after conceiving, which takes about 3-4 weeks (normally), before a pregnancy kit detects it. Therefore, a little more information will help you make a better conclusion of your condition.


I know you are already excited to know the results, but before you take the test, here are some of the 4 weeks pregnant symptoms that you might want to check first, so that you will be able to make a better judgment, in case your pregnancy kit shows you an unclear result.


Note: The symptoms explained below should not be used as an official guide to conclude pregnancy. It is still recommended to seek professional assistance, to conclude your real condition.


The Most Common 4 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms:


  1. You have missed your period – if you are regularly having your menstruation every month, missing one period could be a clear sign of pregnancy. You can confirm your pregnancy by seeing a gynaecologist.
  2. Changes caused by the HCG – as mentioned earlier, the HCG hormone has already increased by the fourth week, which brings a lot of changes and effects like:
  • Anxiety
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  1. You have a very sensitive sense of smell.
  2. Changes in appetite – some women eat a lot, while some have a hard time finding what food to eat, which will not irritate them, or will not trigger them to throw up.


These are just some of the different 4 weeks pregnant symptoms that an expecting mom may experience. Again, the symptoms can always differ.


It is very important for an expecting mom to know if she is already conceiving as early as possible, because the first trimester of pregnancy is crucial to growing babies. The fetus growing inside the womb should have proper nourishment and care, especially during the first months of pregnancy, because this is the time when the fetus is already developing his body and entire system. Without proper care and nourishment, the baby can be at risk to a lot of congenital diseases that can affect his life once born, or worse – threaten his life totally.