Detecting Early Signs Of Pregnancy Thru The Different 4 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms  



The best and most accurate way to determine if you are pregnant or not, is seeing two solid lines on your pregnancy kit, or if your OB says you are pregnant after a blood test. However, some women do not have all the patience in the world to wait for her scheduled appointment with her OB, and if that is the case, checking out some of the most common 4 weeks pregnancy symptoms will help you get a better idea, if you are pregnant or not.


If you have been trying to get pregnant for months  or probably weeks now, and then you have missed your period, this is one sign that should tell you that you might be pregnant (it is a very clear sign if you are having your menstruation regularly). However, if you missed your period just yesterday, you might want to consider waiting a few more days, before you can start telling your husband, to avoid disappointment, in case it is a false alarm.


Another possible 4 weeks pregnancy symptom is if you are having difficulties in breathing. You might be pregnant if you are having a hard time catching your breath, even when doing the normal activities that you do, like climbing the stairs at home, walking to the park, and more. This is true, because your baby needs an ample supply of oxygen, even during the first few weeks of your pregnancy. Therefore, the supply of oxygen is divided to the both of you, and you will endure this for at least 9 months.


Sudden changes in the color and size of your breasts are also one of the most common 4 weeks pregnant symptoms. You will feel that your breasts are a bit larger and harder, and are also sore. This is why putting on your bra is giving you a burden. Furthermore, you might notice that your areolas are starting to darken, and it will get darker, as the pregnancy progresses. If you are experiencing this kind of change, then you can suspect pregnancy.


Feeling tired all day, sleepy, and restless are also some of the most common 4 weeks pregnancy symptoms that are experienced by the majority of women. The explanation to this is because your body is already producing more hormones, which leads you to feel a bit different lately.


Morning sickness is one of the toughest 4 weeks pregnancy symptoms and unfortunately, a lot experiences this. It is uneasy and very discomforting, but you should not be worried, because morning sickness does not normally last until the second trimester. Just make sure to hydrate your body and eat your food always, so that your body will continue having the right nourishment for you and your baby. If you are experiencing this, then you are likely to be pregnant!


These are the different 4 weeks pregnancy symptoms that will help you conclude your condition. Nonetheless, it is still advisable for you to confirm pregnancy with your OB.