4 weeks Pregnant: What Are The Symptoms?



Pregnancy during the first 4 weeks is not that noticeable physically, but you can definitely feel something different inside you, which could be the start of your 4 weeks pregnant symptoms, which will give you a hint that you might be pregnant already.


If you have been trying to conceive, knowing if you are pregnant or not is not that hard, because you will feel the signs easily, as you are watching closely to whatever changes that could happen inside your body.


There are several examples for the different 4 weeks pregnant symptoms. Some may experience a lot of it, while some women will be lucky enough to skip the symptoms, and never have to bear with the discomfort that some of symptoms may bring.


For instance, during the first few weeks of pregnancy, some women may experience morning sickness, where they usually throw up when they wake up. Although the reason is unclear, this is very normal. If you are starting to feel sick in the morning, or any time during the entire day, you can suspect yourself of being pregnant.

Another 4 weeks pregnant symptom is irritability and mood swings. If you suddenly find yourself easily irritated to the people around you, situations that never affected you before, or anything that you might encounter during the day, this could be a sign of pregnancy. Mood swings can also be a sign of early pregnancy. These symptoms are also normal, because your body is developing more hormones inside you, which easily affects your behaviour.


Unexplained fatigue can also be one of the 4 weeks pregnant symptoms a woman can experience. This is due to the rapid changes happening inside your body. If you get easily tired after doing your normal routines, or feels sleepy and droopy during the day, then you can suspect pregnancy.


Going to the bathroom to pee is also one of the 4 weeks pregnant symptoms. This is due to the sudden increase of fluids inside your body, which happens when you are pregnant.


Missing your menstruation period is one of the clearest signs of pregnancy. Amongst the different 4 weeks pregnant symptoms that you might encounter, missing your period, especially if you have it regularly, gives you at least 70% chance of being pregnant. You should consult your gynaecologist or OB-Gyne immediately, if this happens. You need to start your pre-natal care as soon as you learn about the great news, in order to nourish your baby with the proper nutrients that he needs, to grow healthy inside you.

Pre-natal care is very important especially during the first month of your pregnancy. It is vital to helping your child develop normally and healthy, in order to have a successful delivery on the 9th month. If you are trying to conceive, and you suddenly feel some changes inside you, make sure to confirm your pregnancy as early as you can, to prevent untoward situations, which can happen, when a mother did not take pre-natal care during her first months of conception.