4 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms: What You Should Be Watching Out



Some of the 4 weeks pregnant symptoms will not give you a clear sign that you are pregnant, especially if you are not very watchful, or if you are not really expecting to have a baby soon. In fact, some women conceive without knowing that they are expecting a baby already, even up to the last trimester of their pregnancy.


Nonetheless, if you are expecting to have a baby soon, then here are some of the most common 4 weeks pregnant symptoms that you have to watch out, because these symptoms will definitely give you a clear hint that you might be expecting already.


Common 4 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


Early pregnancy symptoms may differ from one person to another, but what I have below are some of the most common recorded symptoms, seen in women who are at least one month pregnant.


  • Sore Breasts


One of the very first signs of early pregnancy is having sore breasts. You can feel hardening and slight pain all around the breasts, up to the nipples. Medical professionals believe that this is a cause of hormonal imbalance, which happens when you are starting to produce the pregnancy hormone called HCG.


Aside from the pain caused by sore breasts, you might also notice that your nipples and the entire areolas are getting darker and darker as the days progress.


  • Unexpected Bleeding


Before the actual menstruation schedule, one of the common 4 weeks pregnant symptoms that some women experience is having an unexpected bleed or what is commonly known as spotting. This unexpected bleeding is not as heavy as your normal menstruation. You might notice tinges of blood on your underwear, and this is caused by the implantation of the embryo to the lining of your uterus.


  • Unexplained Fatigue


Women who are pregnant during the first month may experience a sudden change when it comes to her body’s ability to do certain activities. She may experience fatigue or being restless, even when doing normal routines that she is used to doing every day. This is caused by the rapid changes inside your body, which is now focused on nurturing the growing baby inside you, which unfortunately, eats up a lot of your energy.


  • You Have Missed Your Period


If you are having your Aunt flo regularly, missing your period can be a clear sign of pregnancy. Although pregnancy kits might not be able to detect very early pregnancy, and give you a faded or almost invisible second line, people still try it, for it can somehow give them an idea, whether they are pregnant or not.


  • Bloating


Another common early signs of pregnancy is bloating. Many expectant mothers’ experiences this and this is because of the accumulation of pregnancy hormones.


If you spot any of the 4 weeks pregnant symptoms happening in you, then you might want to call your OB-Gyne, and schedule an appointment. She will be able to conduct a more thorough pregnancy test using blood samples from you, in order for you to get a sure confirmation, about your actual condition.