4 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms: Know What Is Happening Inside You



If this is your first time to get pregnant, then you probably have a lot of questions in mind like – What is it really like to be pregnant? Or ”Will I have a hard time coping with the changes happening inside me?”. Actually, there is no exact description of what pregnancy will give you, because women experience it differently. In fact, even a mom of three or more children says that pregnancy is different every single time, so you really can’t tell what is going to happen to you, when you are pregnant.


Anyway, early pregnancy is crucial, because you need to know that you are pregnant, so that you will be able to give the right care for your baby at once.


In this article, we are going to talk about some of the most common 4 weeks pregnancy symptoms that will help you get the idea, that you are already expecting, and that you need to start having your pre-natal care.


So let us start…


During the first and second weeks of pregnancy, life has already begun. Although the baby is still tiny as a dot, you can already feel some of the symptoms like feeling dizzy, nausea, vomiting, and more. These are normal 4 weeks pregnancy symptoms, because your body is producing more hormones right now, wherein your system is having a hard time coping with the change.


During the third week, you can already feel some changes in your body, but not pertaining to the belly. Of course, as your pregnancy progresses, your belly will grow bigger and bigger, and this is because of the growing baby inside you. But during the first trimester, the only physical changes that may happen is probably some bloating on your limbs, buttocks, and thighs. You can also feel that your breasts are getting tender, and this is because your mammary glands are preparing for the big day, where your child will rely on your milk, for proper nourishment.


On your fourth week, you are probably starting to feel the entire 4 weeks pregnant symptoms that is now a lot more discomforting and irritating at the same time. First time mothers might have a hard time coping during this time, so it is very important for the father of the child to help the mother go through this phase smoothly, by showing your support and love, and the promise that you will always be right by her side, no matter what.


Then again, not all mothers experience a lot of 4 weeks pregnancy symptoms. Good for you, if you are one of them! Also, not all mothers will experience the same symptoms, because it will always depend on how the body reacts to the changes happening inside.


These are the different factors that you might want to know, about the common 4 weeks pregnancy symptoms to help you detect early pregnancy. Make sure to consult your OB as soon as you feel any of the symptoms, so that you can confirm your condition right away, and receive the needed care.